Trash Disposal and Recycling at 3800 Acqua

Regular Household Trash

Regular household trash is collected from apartments by Trash Fairies. Details and schedule are available on the valet trash program page.

Excess household trash can be brought to the trash compactors located on the ground level of each building. The compactor rooms are available to residents 24/7. Do not use the trash chute rooms. Follow the posted instructions to use the trash compactors.
Do not leave trash bags outside the trash compactor. $25.00 Fine for trash bags left in hallways, chute rooms or outside the trash compactor.

Recycling Dumpsters

Recyclable material (especially large cardboard boxes) can be recycled in the large green dumpsters. Breakdown boxes so that they are flat.

Recycling 101

Do not put your household trash in or near the recycling dumpsters!

Do not put bulky items in or near the recycling dumpsters!

Bulky Item Disposal

Items that do not fit in a household trash bag will need to be removed from the property. Residents must take the items for proper disposal or hire a trash removal company to pickup the items.

Bulky items that cannot be disposed of on-site:

  • Mattresses
  • Furniture
  • Couches or other seating
  • Tables
  • Floor lamps

Hazardous Waste

Do not dispose of hazardous waste in any manner on-site.


  • Motor oil - take to auto parts store to recycle
  • Bulk Cooking oil
  • Batteries - Lead or other types
  • Tires

Fines for Improper Waste Disposal

$500 fines can be charged to leaseholders for improper dumpster use, improper recycling, leaving trash in areas not designated for that purpose, etc.

Video Surveillance

Video cameras and recording equipment with night vision are positioned throughout the property for safety, security, and policy enforcement purposes.

Thank you for helping keep our community beautiful