Green Certified Apartment Homes

NGBS Green Certified Logo3800 Acqua was awarded the BRONZE Certification by Home Innovation, National Green Building Standards (NGBS).

The Home Innovation Research Lab is an independent, third party inspection agency who sets the requirements and awards the ‘Green’ certifications for NGBS. 3800 Acqua met the demanding requirements for environmentally sustainable lifestyles, healthy environments, and real efficiencies. NGBS Green Certification is awarded based on a score given in several categories, including construction product selection, building features, land use/development practices, and occupant education.

Apartment homes are a more environmentally friendly form of housing by their very nature (easier to heat/cool, shared wall efficiencies in construction, less disturbed land per resident, etc), but now they are being constructed with even more emphasis on sustainable and healthy lifestyle features. Mixed-use developments (where retail, dining, office and housing are co-located) create communities that are less reliant on cars and promote walking and alternative modes of transportation.

Go Green with Confidence

By receiving the green certification from NGBS, this ensures that the apartment homes at 3800 Acqua are truly environmentally friendly.

Green Certified Residences Provide:

Healthy Environments

Real Efficiencies

Sustainable Lifestyles

Home Innovation Research Labs is an independent subsidiary of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).
For more information contact our leasing agents or contact Home Innovation Research Labs, 400 Prince George’s Boulevard, Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20774


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